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Our program is a great opportunity for kids to develop their musicality, coordination, and dance techniques while having a blast in class! It's also a wonderful way for them to build self-confidence. If you're in Atikokan or the surrounding area, we invite you to join us at St.Patrick's Church at 119 Hawthorne Rd, for our dance classes. Don't see a class you would like-- message us and we will try to arrange it for you! Classes run on Sunday's.

Kinder Programs

  • Kinder Dance   (Ages 2-3) Duration: 30 minutes 

Our Kinderdance class introduces children to creative movement and beginner ballet technique, making it an excellent foundation for your child's dance education. They will learn basic skills such as jumping and skipping, as well as basic dance movements. It's a fun and engaging class that will help your child develop their coordination, balance, and confidence.

  • Kinder Ballet  (Ages 4-6) Duration: 30 minutes 

Our Kinder Ballet class introduces children to the basics of ballet in a fun and imaginative way. It focuses on teaching basic positions and movements, encouraging creativity through storytelling and music, improving coordination and motor skills, fostering social development, and providing a positive environment for children to explore dance. Kinder ballet lays the foundation for future ballet study while promoting enjoyment, physical fitness, and self-expression.

Recreational Programs

  • Junior & Intermediate Jazz  (Ages 7-11 and 10+) Duration: 45 minutes 

Our jazz dance classes teach students to move precisely to different types of music, improving their sense of rhythm and musicality. This class helps dancers express themselves creatively through planned improvisation and detailed choreography. Alongside this, the students practice and perfect basic techniques like isolations, turns, kicks, and leaps, developing their skills and artistic style through focused training.

  • Junior & Intermediate Acro  (Ages 7-11 and 10+) Duration: 45 minutes 

Our Acro programs combine acrobatics with dance. The programs begin with basic skills like handstands and cartwheels, advancing to more complex moves over time as students achieve the basics. Classes emphasize blending acrobatic tricks with dance steps to create smooth, rhythmic routines. The program's structured curriculum supports steady improvement, encouraging students to showcase their talents in performances that highlight both their technical abilities and artistic flair. Our teachers are certified to ensure your child's safety and proper training techniques.

  • Lyrical  (Ages 10+) Duration: 45 minutes 

Our Lyrical program isn't just about steps—it's about telling stories with your body, interpreting music with every graceful turn and powerful leap. Whether you're new to dance or looking to refine your skills, our program focuses on building strong technique while unleashing your creativity through expressive choreography and collaborative group work.

Competitive Program

  • Competitive Team (Ages 6+) Duration: Varies from 45 minutes to 1 hour

Competitive students will dive into a world of thrilling opportunities! Alongside mandatory Stretch and Technique classes, they get to choose from a lineup that includes Jazz, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Acro, and Lyrical—each offering its own unique blend of energy, style, and creativity. Competitive dance offers: Skill Development: Enhances technique, musicality, and performance abilities. Teamwork: Fosters collaboration and camaraderie among dancers. Confidence: Builds self-assurance through performance and competition experiences. Goal Setting: Encourages goal setting and achievement in a supportive environment.

  • Solo/Duo/Trio (Ages 5+) Duration: Time slots vary

Students that wish to compete a solo, duet or trio are required to take a technical style and the group class of the style they wish to do. Students will have the opportunity to compete out of town and perform in the year end recital. Students wishing to do a solo or duet/trio only for recital purposes, are not required to take ballet.

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