Our Competitive program is best suited for dancers who have the passion and dedication to further their dance pursuit. This program offers all students aged four and up, the opportunity to gain the strength, technique, and endurance to perform in energetic routines. 

The benefits of Competition participation include:


  • Opportunity for many "once in a lifetime" experiences

  • Skills learned that will carry through life, regardless of what direction your life may take: leadership, confidence, time management, discipline and how to handle constructive criticism 

  • How to learn to work effectively in a team environment

  • Opportunity to perform multiple times throughout a year

Upon joining the SOD competition team, students can look forward to:


  • Ballet, Performance Company and stretch classes for all levels

  • Choice of electives: Jazz, Tap, Acro, Lyrical, Hip-Hop, Musical Theatre, Pointe, Contemporary (electives will vary by age level)

  • Personalized classes with an excellent student: teacher ratio

  • Performance and competition opportunities: locally and internationally

  • Exams available for Ballet, Jazz, Tap & Acro


Elite Program


Spirit of Dance is excited to offer a competition program called the Elite Experience. This is strictly for students who desire to exceed the challenges and commitment of the competitive team. These students will be placed on a competitive team but will also have additional classes to further their personal growth to assist with developing a strong resume for a potential career path in the field of Dance & Arts Education. 


How will students benefit from the Elite Program?

  • Elite Members are given the opportunity to perform their team placement routines, as well as, a routine the dancer will choreograph in competition (under the guidance of an instructor). One entry fee will be covered by the Studio. (Routine will begin in December, to have a longer period to focus on technique)

  • Elite Members are able to attend any technical classes offered at Spirit Of Dance.

  • Elite Members are trained at an advanced rate

  • Elite Members to audition into programs, workshops or opportunities both locally and internationally.

  • The studio and staff will train the Elite dancer to build a professional dance resume, media kits and portfolios.